You & A Dream

The truth is I
don’t remember my eyes
shutting or how I
entered this other world
where fantasy and
reality swirl
in dizzying speeds
but this road leads
me on and on until
I saw you coming along
for the ride I had grown
so used to that my own
subconscious keeps
a little fragment that fits
a tiny corner in my head
in my head
in my head

And you said
I missed you and
I said I hope
this doesn’t end as
I felt your arms
around my neck
that calms a
thousand storms and
the peace I grew to
expect blew and touched
my face like gentle wind
on a gloomy Wednesday
all grey and sanguine

And we walked down
those velvet streets
those flowing gowns
like we never lost
a single day but
like every other date
we were still
hopelessly lost but
never hopeless because
like every other date
we always found our way

And so we stood
outside the gates of
a pristine new
flower garden with
your hand in mine
love rekindled;
hope renewed;
mended line; but
my eyes creaked open
right before we crossed over

Present day spinning
back into my focus
and my beating heart
was played some weird
hocus pocus and
for a minute I
felt a wistful longing but
I remembered what
laid ahead right here
crystal clear in front
of me and even though
seeing and holding you
curved my lips and
made my heart light
I know those memories
remained where they
belonged, in the twenties
of my hindsight.

It’s time to go.


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