Me & the Road

I’ve always had an affinity with the road.
The endless stretch of tarmac beckoning me to follow — on wheels.

An odyssey. A new adventure.

Countless lives, passing me by — played out in droves. So many different people.
But, above all, I’m free. My woes and troubles, left behind, further and further, until they’re just tiny dots fluttering along with the wind.

Zig-zagging through a drift course
Across ridges and sprawling bridges
Past lakes hidden in mountainous enclaves
Past the Japanese face(s) of automation
Intermission — in remote convenience stores with little else but the vast skies surrounding me

More than anything, I enjoyed being at the driver’s seat, in control over the gentle beast ferrying me from place to place. In many ways, that’s what I’m looking to be, the master of my destiny; the captain of my ship. And, for those few hours, I felt empowered by the liberating of my mind, as if my thoughts were unfurled the longer I drove. Before I knew it, I had clarity amidst the cover of dusk.

Overseeing the cityscape from a vantage point.

My journey has just begun.

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